Payoneer Money Adder 2021

Payoneer Money adder


Payoneer Money Adder 2021

Of course

, what matters most to marketers or entrepreneurs and everyone who is interested in freelancing on the Internet is to receive profits in an easy way and avoid many of the problems that face many, especially in Arab countries such as

* Failure to support some electronic banks for some countries, such as PayPal
* Do not support some sites except for withdrawals by check or an American bank account

.Therefore, after trying many solutions, Payoneer was the ideal solution to all these problems

Through Payoneer, you can receive your profits directly, as it supports many freelance sites, commission marketing sites, CPA, and many .other sites such as Amazon and many networks around the world

You can withdraw your profits either on the Payoneer account directly with the Payoneer partner sites or through the American bank account that Pioneer provides to you and then withdraw your profits either through MasterCard Payoneer from any money changer in the .world or through transfer to your local bank account

You can withdraw your profits from it on Payoneer and charge MasterCard Pioneer, which you can use to buy from many websites and .online stores or withdraw money from them from any cashier

To register with Payoneer partners and obtain a MasterCard from here

In the article, we review the following points:

1- Payoneer shipping by transferring to the European Payoneer European bank account from Skrill
2- Recharge the Payoneer card and profit from the Internet
3- Activate and charge Payoneer from profit from freelance work on the Internet
4- How to charge and activate the Payoneer card to profit from affiliate marketing and CPA networks
5- Other ways to profit from the Internet and recharge MasterCard Payoneer
6- Important things to know about MasterCard Payoneer and the payment service from Payoneer

Payoneer shipped by transfer to the Payoneer European bank account from Skrill:

If you want a quick way to charge your account in Payoneer in order to request the MasterCard and activate the account, you can do that through the transfer from the electronic bank Skrill, one of the most important and best electronic banks, which you can easily ship through any Visa or MasterCard card and then withdraw to the European bank account – In Euros, which is free of charge, the currency conversion fee is deducted only if the account is in a currency other than the euro.

 You can do this by following the steps below:

1- Log in to your Skrill account or register a new account from here.
Of course, it is best to open an account in Skrill in the euro currency, so that the currency conversion fee is not deducted when withdrawing to the European bank account from Payoneer.

2- Then, log in to your account in Payoneer, then choose global payment service from the receipt menu in the top menu in your account.

3- Then click on the euro currency to find your bank account information in the euro currency.

4- Then log in to your Skrill account, then enter cards and bank accounts.

5- Then choose to add bank account and add your bank account information on Payoneer.
6- Select the country, then write the swift code or BIC number, then the IBAN number, and make sure that the data is written correctly, then agree to the condition that you understand that putting any wrong data will cause delay or rejection of the transfer, then click on add account and continue.

Thus, the bank account in Euros from Payoneer has been successfully added to your Skrill account.

Thus, you can now withdraw your Skrill balance to your Payoneer account

Some important points that must be known:

SEPA transfers can be received – between European local banks in the euro currency only, so you never send transfers in dollars to your euro bank account in Payoneer.

– Dollar transfers will be automatically rejected from Payoneer, which may lead to the closure of the European bank account service in the euro.

The service cannot be used to receive international bank transfers, as it is not supported.
” Very important when charging Skrill via Visa, choosing non-gambling – this option is only chosen for those who want to charge Skrill to charge forex websites.”

Skrill now provides the possibility of transferring directly from the visa to the bank account, providing steps for charging the account and then withdrawing.

Recharge the Pioneer card and profit from the Internet

And now we get to know the most important methods of free work and profit from the Internet, in addition to the most important sites and networks through which you can achieve a very good monthly income, and you can withdraw your profits through Payoiner in addition to .explaining the most important and best of these methods in detail

“It must be noted that some of these methods are suitable for everyone, even a beginner who does not have any previous experience, such as shortening links and uploading files and mini-services sites, and some methods prefer to have previous experiences such as affiliate marketing and CPA.”

Activate and charge Payoneer from profit from freelancing on the Internet:

Freelance work on the Internet is one of the most popular ways to work from home and profit from the Internet, where you can provide many services, which you can learn many of them if you are a beginner or do not have experience in a specific field easily and in a short time, you can provide the service of writing articles, designing, translation, and other Services.

Among the most important freelance sites and platforms on the Internet and mini-services sites, from which you can withdraw profits from Payoneer:

Fiverr: One of the most famous microservices sites in the world, in which you can provide services and then win $ 5 for each service you do and withdraw your profits through Payoneer and from Arab sites that resemble Fives .. to register with Fiverr.

seoclerks: one of the very distinctive and world-famous sites for providing miniature services, and you can provide many services.

Especially for SEO and adding followers to social networks to register for seoclerks.
Peopleperhour: one of the distinctive and modern freelance platforms, and thus the lack of competition with a large number of independents.

– freelancer: one of the most popular freelance sites on the Internet, and the minimum payment is $ 30 on Payoneer.

:How to charge and activate the Payoneer card to profit from affiliate marketing and CPA networks

Affiliate marketing and CPA promotions are the most important ways to achieve large profits from the Internet, but you must also learn and master many things and also invest in advertising campaigns, buy a domain, host and also subscribe to some services
But you can start with it step by step until you find yourself after a while you have gained great experience and start making profits.

Among the most important CPA networks that you can subscribe to are:

cpagrip: one of the best and easiest CPA networks for beginners, with instant and easy acceptance to register with cpagrip.

cpalead: one of the famous cpa networks, which you can also join easily and have thousands of offers for all countries, to register on cpalead from here.

admitad from the cpa and premium affiliate marketing sites, which have thousands of offers that you can join and make big profits to register on admitad from here.

Among the most famous affiliate marketing networks that you can join are:

Clickbank: Clickbank website for commission marketing by adding a bank account to Payoneer

cj: the famous cj commission junction which has thousands of offers from major international companies and withdrawals using a Payoneer bank account.

shareasale: one of the distinguished and well-known affiliate networks, but you need the network’s approval first before being accepted into it.

Other ways to profit from the Internet and recharge MasterCard Pioneer: design and sell t-shirts online
An easy way to profit from the Internet by selling T-shirt design online. You can withdraw your profits through your American bank account, which Pioneer gives you. Profit from selling and promoting products on the Internet.

Envato Marketplace: to sell templates for blogs, videos and PowerPoint in addition to its affiliate program. where you can join his affiliate program and tag themes for WordPress, Joomla and others, and it pays a minimum of $ 100. to sell photos online. selling books and videos online
The most important global sites and networks will be updated and added periodically, which you can join and support withdrawing the balance through Payoneer or through the American bank account that you can get from Payoneer.

Important things to know about MasterCard Payoneer and the payment service from Payoneer:

– You can link the Payoneer account to many profit networks and sites and receive your profits and then withdraw them to your local bank account directly without the need to request a Master Card.

– 30 dollars must be received before you can order a MasterCard Pioneer – it was previously free of charge, but was misused due to the large number of requests without the need for it or using it or requesting more than one card – so the company now provides it with only paid ones

– Here in the article we try to show the most important ways and sites through which you can win a very good amount of money monthly and the balance is withdrawn from it through Payoneer. You can also benefit from it in ordering the card – if you prefer to withdraw at any time and through any cashier around the world – and also for Activate the Payoneer account, which you can then receive money from any other Payoneer account through the card to card feature for free and also facilitate the process of linking the Payoneer bank account to PayPal, which enables you to withdraw money from PayPal easily and for free.

Pioneer provides more than one bank account in more than one currency, as there is the basic US bank account in dollars, a bank account in euros, a bank account in sterling, a bank account in Japanese yen and a number of other currencies.

Expenses of receiving money through the local bank account – currency conversion fees of up to 2% only – may be reduced depending on the activity of the account and the expenses of withdrawing the balance through the cashier of $ 3.15 in addition to 3.5% of the fees for currency conversion, so you should think carefully before withdrawing the balance from Payoneer, especially if You would withdraw in the local currency, not the dollar, and you can learn more details through the fees of the most important electronic banks Paypal, Pioneer and Skrill when sending and receiving money.

And so we have learned about many different ways through which you can charge the MasterCard Payoneer card in addition to profit from these sites, from which you can choose what suits you.

Other sites will be updated and added through which you can recharge and activate the Payoneer card.

And if you have another distinctive site or addition, please share it here in the comments, and if you liked the topic or benefited from it, you could participate so that everyone could benefit from it.